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Ahmet Utku Saka

Artificial Intelligence Intern

Atılım University - Computer Engineering

"I will talk about the 6-week internship I did in the Artificial Intelligence Department of Güven Future Company and what this internship contributed to me. First of all, I am very happy that I did my internship, which is one of the important parts of engineering education, in such a successful company with a high mission and vision. I started my internship with the warm and sincere welcome of the Güven Future team. My internship supervisors planned most of the 6-week process, so I had a much more planned and productive internship process. I interacted with many people in the company, especially my internship supervisors, so I was able to learn about the departments, project management and processes of a software company serving in the field of health. I completed my responsibilities with much higher self-confidence thanks to the fact that my supervisors gave me training in the fields I would work in and suggested resources such as documentation. All this gave me practical knowledge, skills, experience and, as a result, self-confidence. I would like to thank the entire Güven Future team for their interest."

Keremcan Karakaya

Artificial Intelligence Intern

Fırat University - Software Engineering

"My 4-week internship experience at Güven Future was very productive. I was very happy and I felt as part of the team from the beginning. The constant support of the team members made me feel more comfortable. That's why I had a productive internship period. During my internship, I understood the importance of digitalization in the health sector. I learned about developments and usage of appropriate ideas. I have seen how artificial intelligence is integrated in the health sector and its contributions. I got new ideas for this sector. Internship in this company, where its employees are like a family, made me very happy and gained a lot of experience. I would like to thank the Güven Future team for giving me this opportunity."

Rümeysa Açıkgöz 

Customer Experience Intern

Karabük University - Medical Engineering

"I will briefly talk about my 3-week internship experience, which was very productive and enjoyable for me. The team's warm and friendly welcome from the first day made me feel like a part of the family from the very beginning. It was very productive for me to work in a very spacious working environment where I felt like I belonged to everyone. Team members working in harmony with each other and know their job description. My 3-week internship experience taught me a lot like how to integrate the developments in health technologies and do better, how to develop R&D projects, how to use time more efficiently, how to make digitalization in health better and so on…  I have learned and had the opportunity to come up with new ideas and solutions on many other issues. I would like to thank Güven Future family for this wonderful internship experience. I hope our paths cross again."

Cem Avcı

Mobile Software Development Intern

Bilkent University - Information Systems Technologies

"I will briefly talk about my 3-month internship process at Güven Future. I have felt myself as a part of the young, innovative and competent team from the first day I started my internship at Güven Future. The fact that the team members are in constant communication with me and always help me during the internship. During my internship, I understood the current and future importance of the digitalization movement in the health sector and experienced how to develop and integrate projects accordingly. I would like to thank the Güven Future team for providing me this opportunity."

Available Positions

Mobile Software Specialist

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Unity Development Specialist

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Artificial Intelligence Data Specialist

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Artificial Intelligence Image Processing Specialist

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Backend Software Development Specialist

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Fullstack Software Development Specialist

Location: Ankara, Turkey

System Support Specialist

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Web Design Specialist

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Junior Mobile Application Developer

Location: Ankara, Turkey

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