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Guven Online: Tele Health Application

This application provides a digital layer of support to health service delivery. Users can make face-to-face and remote appointments with healthcare professionals and access healthcare professionals from anywhere. Thanks to the 'Remote health information system' accreditation audited by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, remote interviews with healthcare professionals can be made securely at any time. Laboratory test results and radiological images can be accessed from the same interface, and the health library specially prepared for users can be accessed instantly.

Mentaskop: Artificial Intelligence-Based Preventive Mental Health Application

Innovative and preventive, Mentaskop was developed by clinical psychologists. The app allows you to identify your emotions, access expert advice and implement strategies to cope with emotional difficulties.  Mentaskop aims to provide personalised support to individuals who care about their mental health, enabling them to manage their emotional state and achieve emotional well-being.

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 Health Access Point (SEN)

SEN offers fast and accurate health assessments through kiosks, providing easy access and mobility for users in areas without hospitals. Its user-friendly interface enables effective health support services through remote doctor interviews by evaluating measurement results.

Pill Dispencer: Medication Management with Technological Innovation

Our project aims to develop a smart pill dispencer with an ergonomic design especially for individuals with mobility difficulties. The system, which is integrated with the mobile application, enables users to track medication and remote management via a 24/7 service centre. By providing online physician service with data transmission infrastructure and artificial intelligence application, patients with memory problems are supported to take the right dose of medication. Our project aims to improve the quality of life of users by providing an effective medication management solution in the health sector.

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Evidence-Based Health Kit Developed for Alzheimer's Patients

It is a special digital health system designed to improve the cognitive functions of Alzheimer's patients. It aims to slow down the cognitive deterioration that causes the progression of the disease with sensory immersion accompanied by cognitive games. Our project, for which we won R&D funding with Istanbul Medipol University, offers an innovative approach to improve the quality of life and cognitive activities of Alzheimer's patients.


Artificial Intelligence Based Signal Processing Technology

Our company is working on developing advanced artificial intelligence software that can be seamlessly integrated into Holter devices. The primary goal of this software is to accurately distinguish between normal heartbeats and arrhythmias, and provide doctors with precise and correct diagnosis. With this technology, doctors can effectively monitor and evaluate their patients' heart health, and take necessary actions to prevent any potential health risks.




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