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System Support Specialist

Ankara, Turkey

Güven Future is a company that offers treatments using new technologies, New solutions that combine health and technology. Güven Future has started its R&D focused activities to produce innovative solutions in 2020 in order to contribute to the realization of innovation and digital transformation in health by keeping health informatics at the forefront.


  • Experienced in Microsoft Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) Operating Systems

  • Adequate knowledge of Docker technologies

  • Experienced in designing and creating CI / CDs in projects

  • Experienced in Microsoft Azure Devops

  • Microsoft AD, Exchange management experience

  • Experienced in database management (MSSQL, PostgreSQL)

  • Adequate knowledge of Microsoft IIS, Nginx web servers

  • Able to make and manage software downloads and updates on different platforms

  • Experienced in Load Balancing, High Availability and Clustering technologies

  • Experienced in network management, network devices and network security

     Workplace Environment:

  • Personal interests, hobbies and new technologies are valuable to us! We would like to see you among us on fridays, which is our personal development day as a team.

  • We plan activities for the team for both having good time together, outside of the office and knowing each other more.

  • We provide new equipments specific for you and if you want, we provide flexible working times and the opportunity to work remotely.

  • We offer a working environment where you will be a part of a constantly growing and multidisciplinary team, and where you will gain new experiences and knowledge. 

  • We do not have a dress code, we're only interested in your opinions, not what you wear.

  • We follow the latest technologies in the world, and we offer the whole team the opportunity to access these technologies.

  • With our open office, we offer the opportunity to work without borders between managers and other teams.

  • In our kitchen, we have tea, coffee, and beverages that you may need during the day.

  • If you want to join our dynamic, hardworking, and young team, contact us!

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