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We embrace technology as a key part of a new model to optimize the reach, impact, and cost effectiveness of healthcare.

We are;

Innovators who believe in the positive effects of digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

The transformation may be difficult, but we are ready to break the barriers of traditional healthcare with our confidence and modesty. Using our curiosity, we question and research to produce distinct

healthcare solutions. We are not afraid to push boundaries, break patterns and share our innovations that protect health and improve the quality of life.


This valuable aim brings us together and motivates us every day.



Genetic risks, IoT data and monitoring outputs are identified. Signs of diseases are recognized. The effects of disease are known in advance then planned for accordingly.


The focus of care is on the individual and how to optimize wellness by predicting disease and personalized treatments to prevent it.


Individuals are given the tools to recognize the earliest signs of disease.


Individuals are well informed about their health and better prepared to make their own healthcare decisions. This makes the ''4Ps'' far more efficient.


Our Values

We have a positive, high-energy working environment.

Our flexible working environment shows our professionalism.

The vital value of our work increases our responsibility and care.

We support and help each other to ensure our team is successful.

We know that managing our time well ensures we will reach our life and work goals.

When we discuss our opinions and ideas, we respect and try to understand each other.

If there is anything we do not know or understand, we investigate and ask for more details.

Our Partners



Main Office

Teknokent Office


Alacaatlı Caddesi, No:15, Çayyolu, Ankara


Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi, Bilişim İnovasyon Merkezi, ODTÜ Teknokent, 280, D:G, 06510, Çankaya, Ankara

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