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Güven Online Application

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Through new technological developments such as the spread of mobile phones, internet and new devices, the need and expectation for digital services in the health sector has increased.

The Online Doctor and e-consultation solutions provided by Guven Future aims to bring you and experienced doctors together through the digital platforms. 

When you or a family member has a complaint, you can have an e-consultation (video call) via your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Therefore, you do not need to:

  • Take leave from your work or school

  • Travel to a doctor's office or a hospital using public transportation,

  • Try to find a parking place or pay a parking fee,

  • Enter the crowded places filled with other patients (sensitivities for hygiene and privacy)

  • Wait in line before your examination,

  • Wait for the authorization and payment processes after your appointment.

''Online Doctor" saves patients time and money. It is not only preferred by businesses because it can accommodate today's intense work pace, but also it appeals to the younger generations' constant use of internet and technology. 

Güven Online Doctor Application

Online Doctor, which is the first step of the healthcare service, eliminates the need to go to the doctor's office for many conditions. If needed you can have your lab tests performed at home. However; this service is not an alternative for physical examinations, and sometimes an in-person visit may be necessary. The aim is to use an Online Doctor as a consultation service.


With Online Doctor and E-Consultation service you can:

  • Request “a second opinion” to have your test results, prescription, x-ray images, mammograms, CT scans, diagnosis or treatment methods evaluated,

  • Find out to which specialty and physician you should apply for your condition,

  • Get information about whether your current condition requires medical observation or treatment,

  • Improve your quality of life with predictive, preventative and personal treatment methods,


Fast, Comfortable and Innovative Healthcare Services by Guven Future

Telehealth and Online Doctor

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